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Freebird Mesh

About the product

Premium headset offering full flexibility for professionals on the go! Comfortable and durable noise cancelling headset with Bluetooth-multi point and built in Mesh communication with full duplex allowing teams to perform optimally and efficient. The built-in battery is charged through the type-C connector and offers a battery time of up to 19 hours. The headset can also be connected to a traditional cabled PMR 446 system or through Bluetooth. Enjoy music streaming or Bluetooth handsfree call and control the headset through voice commands through Siri or Google Voice Access. External third party participants can be bridged into the Intercom Group Conversation giving teams full flexibility to communicate even with people outside of the Mesh-group.

Other Features

Weight with helmet adapters442 g
Weight with headband454 g
Guarantee1 year
Battery time19 hours
BluetoothMultipoint – connect 2 phones
Level dependantYes
Recommended ApplicationDemolition, Remediation, Forestry
Recommended IndustryConstruction, Heavy Infrastructure, Oil & Gas
Product number1001722001001
EAN code7330077196416
Attentuation headband32 dB
Attentuation helmet mount30 dB

This is included

  • Headset
  • Headband
  • Helmet mount
  • Pouch bag
  • Charger set

Frequently Asked Questions

No, full duplex and VOX (Voice-Operated Exchange) are not the same thing.

Full duplex refers to the capability of a communication system to transmit and receive data simultaneously. In other words, parties on both ends of the communication can speak and listen at the same time, like in a telephone conversation.

Yes, it’s possible. You can connect the Mesh headset to a PMR cable, which can be directly connected to the headset. Alternatively, you can connect the headset to a PMR device through Bluetooth for seamless integration into your PMR 446 network. This flexibility allows for easy communication across different networks while leveraging the features of the Freebird Mesh headset.

Yes, it is possible. By utilizing intermediary devices or software solutions, phone calls can be bridged to a mesh intercom group. This allows seamless integration of phone calls with the mesh communication network, enhancing connectivity and communication options for users.

The mesh intercom group supports simultaneous connection of up to 15 users. This allows for efficient and effective communication among a sizable group, enhancing collaboration and coordination in various scenarios.

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