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Personal protective equipment specially designed for construction and industrial use. Through science and innovation, we deliver products that make a difference.

Next generation

safety helmets

Guardio Armet is the world’s first protective safety helmet with MIPS safety system developed in collaboration with biomechanics engineers at KTH and neurosurgeons at Karolinska Institutet.

According to many, the market’s most convenient helmets with a particular focus on ergonomics and fit.

Safety glasses with

fokus on multiple senses

Guardio ARGOS is a series of top-quality safety glasses that offer comfort and smart solutions that both provide panoramic protection in all angles of vision but also ensure minimal leakage of noise when used with hearing protection.

Available in 4 different lenses where the smart photochromic lenses can change the color of the lens automatically based on uv-conditions.





NEW LAUNCH! Hearing protection

for communication

Feel Freebird! Experience the silence! Experience the clarity! Experience the Freebird noise cancelling headset with leading noise reduction and the latest technology.  A focus on usability and dual mode functionality that allows the user to easily switch between heaband and helmet adapter. Chose between 3 models based on your communication needs.

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