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About Guardio

We develop personal protective equipment specially designed for the construction and industrial industry. Through science and innovation, we deliver products that make a difference! To ensure that we offer our customers the latest solutions and innovations, we use components and solutions from the leading players in each field.

Our vision

Guardio will contribute to a safer, healthier and smarter work for our users.

Our solutions should contribute to users being able to perform at the peak of their professional ability.

Our products must make a demonstrable positive difference to our users' personal safety and work.

Science-based innovation

There are challenges in the construction and industrial sector – frequent head impacts and harmful noise. Guardio aims to address these challanges through cutting-edge research, science, and innovation. Based on these principles, we aim to elevate safety to a new level with protective hearing protection, safety glasses, and safety helmets, all designed for comfort with components from industry leaders.

Focus on comfort and user-friendliness

Our products are designed to ensure ultimate comfort and user-friendliness, while elevating safety to a new level. It should be easy to protect the head, which is why science and innovation permeate our entire range: our hearing protection is the only one on the market that offers the flexibility to easily switch between headband and helmet attachment; our headlamp is the first to solve the challenge of using a helmet and visor simultaneously; and our glasses are designed to fit comfortably with a helmet while being slim enough to minimize the risk of leakage and noise.

Båstadgruppen AB

On May 10, 2023, Guardio Safety AB was acquired by Båstadgruppen AB and has now become part of one of the leading suppliers to the industrial and construction trade in the Nordic region. The acquisition is a valuable addition to Båstadgruppen’s existing offering in workwear, footwear, and gloves, further strengthening the group’s position as a leading supplier to the industrial and construction trade.Read more about Båstadgruppen here,

Our collaborations


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