Safe performance
through science

Personal protective equipment specifically designed for the construction and industrial sectors. Through science and innovation, we deliver safe products.

The future of communication systems

Unlimited communication with Full Duplex technology, offering work teams uninterrupted multi-directional communication freedom. Bluetooth for music streaming and hands-free calls.

Guardio expands its range of safety eyewear, now manufacturing all glasses in a material with lower environmental impact. These glasses offer unbeatable comfort, panoramic protection from various angles, and smart lenses—all while prioritizing environmental consciousness.

Flexible hearing protection focusing on communication

Experience the next level of hearing protection with the Freebird series – crafted for professionals demanding top-tier technology and comfort. Seamlessly switch between headband and helmet mounts to meet diverse needs throughout your workweek. Designed for seamless communication, from hands-free calls to built-in PMR 446 communication radio and Dynamic Mesh Communication. Whatever the requirement, Freebird offers the ultimate hearing protection.

Most comfortable helmet
with new level of safety

Upgrade your head protection to the next level with the Guardio ARMET series. These helmets, quickly acclaimed for their unique fit and ergonomics, are the first in the world to offer the groundbreaking MIPS protection, which can reduce harmful rotational energy that can lead to brain injuries in certain angled impacts. 

Additionally, the helmets are equipped with twICEme, enabling storage of vital information in the helmet—information that can be crucial when seconds count. 

Choose between Guardio Armet for a ventilated helmet or Armet Volt if you need an electrically insulated protective helmet.

VisorFlex brightens your work, even when using a visor

Experience the ultimate solution for brilliant light and superior comfort! Designed to seamlessly integrate with the helmet’s visor, this headlamp remains incredibly user-friendly without compromising functionality. 

Whether the visor is up or down on the helmet, you’re guaranteed the best lighting experience every time. Enjoy smooth and efficient illumination with Guardio VisorFlex – your key to clearer and safer vision in every situation!

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