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Guardio Armet

About the product

The Armet series is the world’s first protective helmet with the MIPS safety system, which is designed to help reduce the harmful rotation of the brain in certain angled impacts. The helmet has unbeatable comfort with great focus on ergonomics and fit to ensure comfortable use even during long working days. Our engineers with more than 20 years of experience in helmet development have carefully selected materials with properties that have a very good protective ability, are durable with a long service life. Choose ARMET Volt if you need an electrically insulated protective helmet without ventilation. 

Other Features

Weight 440 g
Standard EN397:2012
Guarantee 3 years
Size 53 – 63 cm
Ventilation material Stainless steel
Inner shell EPS/EPP
Outer shell ABS
Recommended Application Demolition, Remediation, Forestry
Recommended Industry Construction, Heavy Infrastructure, Oil & Gas
ARM201 – 1001671101053White
ARM202 – 1001671001053Black
ARM203 – 1001671436053Blue
ARM204 – 1001671707053Blazing Yellow
ARM205 – 1001671806053Orange
ARM206 – 1001672707053Hiviz – Blazing Yellow Reflective Tape
ARM207 – 1001671307053Green
ARM208 – 1001671607053Red
ARM209 – 1001671658053Pink
ARM210 – 1001673707053Flourescent Yellow

This is included

  • Safety Helmet
  • Chinstrap
  • Pouch bag

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Guardio ARMET safety helmet is the world’s first to incorporate the MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) brain protection system. MIPS is a cutting-edge technology designed to reduce rotational forces on the brain during certain impacts. The Guardio ARMET’s innovative design aims to enhance head protection by addressing both linear and rotational impact forces, offering a new level of safety for helmet users.

Read more about MIPS here.

Yes, the Guardio ARMET safety helmet is designed with user comfort in mind. It incorporates ergonomic features, adjustable straps, and ergonomic fitsystem to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. The MIPS technology does not compromise comfort, and the helmet is suitable for extended use in various industries where head protection is crucial.

No, the Twiceme Help the Helper technology does not store any information online. All data is stored locally within the helmet itself. The system operates through NFC (Near Field Communication) technology embedded in the physical safety helmet. This means that unless someone has physical access to the safety helmet, they cannot access or track any information stored on it. The Twiceme system prioritizes data security and privacy by keeping information decentralized and within the confines of the safety helmet.

Read more about twICEme here.

The shelf life of the safety helmet is 10 years from the date of manufacturing. After this period, we cannot guarantee that the characteristics of the plastic will remain the same, potentially affecting the helmet’s performance. It is crucial not to use the helmet beyond the 10-year mark from the manufacturing date. To find the manufacturing date, check for a laser-engraved label inside the helmet, providing you with accurate information about its production date. Regularly inspect the helmet, and if it is approaching or has exceeded the 10-year limit, it is recommended to replace it to ensure optimal safety.

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