When you win,
we win

This is our basic attitude when we start a new partnership. With Guardio you get a modern and dedicated business partner who is there for you and our common customers!

The global PPE market is valued at approximately USD 38 billion per year - Make sure you have the right products!

Thanks to new EU legislation that came into force in April 2018, the PPE market is predicted to grow even stronger and awareness to increase exponentially. By working with Guardio, you ensure that you can offer your customers modern, sought-after products that are at the forefront of both design and functionality while increasing your profitability.

Employers and end users today have increasingly high demands on safety, comfort and compatibility and simplicity. By working with us, you will have the opportunity to offer your customers a range of products in the premium segment, while at the same time becoming a responsive partner where your knowledge and expertise permeate current and future product innovation.

Put the staff’s security in the first room

Our products protect some of your most important senses - nothing you want to compromise with, right?

Your and your colleagues' safety is our top priority. We work every day to ensure that we can offer you the latest in personal protection so you and your colleagues can feel safe at work. We have only one set of minds and we must be afraid of them!

Noise affects health and increases the risk of accidents.

Studies show that noise increases the risk of high blood pressure in connection with noise. Furthermore, studies show that you can see the effects of stress in people who are exposed to loud sounds and you know that stress and disturbed night's sleep increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Low-intensity noise also makes us tired, which can lead to poorer decision-making and increased risk of accidents at our workplaces. Therefore it is extra important to protect our hearing!

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Some of our benefits

  • Strong sales support

    Our dealers are offered a solid education in our products as well as close cooperation and support from us.

  • Efficient service

    As a reseller, we offer you unique service solutions that ensure a high customer satisfaction and fast handling.

  • Fast deliveries

    By having our central warehouse in Stockholm we can offer you fast deliveries. Many times within 24 hours!

  • Good profitability

    With our products you can offer your customers new modern products and at the same time have a good profitability!

A couple
of our dealers

Here we list some of our dealers. A map feature will soon be launched where all dealers can be found.

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