Terms & Conditions

1. Purchase information

When ordering, an agreement will be reached on the purchase when you choose to confirm your purchase at the checkout. An automated order confirmation will then be sent to your registered email address. Ordered products remain Guardio's property until they are fully paid.

Your order will be sent from our central warehouse in Stockholm. Changes and additions must be made before your orders are processed and sent from us. If you discover any inaccuracies on your order, it is therefore important that you contact us immediately to change the order if possible.

In case of obvious errors (eg the wrong price, printing errors etc.) we reserve the right to correct the error afterwards. If you are not satisfied with our correction, you obviously have the right to cance l the order. We also reserve the right not to place an order in cases where the goods are out of stock, if the maximum number per customer is exceeded or in case of technical errors.

2. Prices and payment method

All prices are exclusive of VAT or VAT, depending on how you have chosen to show them. Any fees for shipping and payment methods may apply, which in such cases is stated in the cash register. After an order has been confirmed, the price can only be changed due to circumstances that we do not have (eg war, natural disasters, etc.) and obvious errors in the price quoted.

We offer the following payment options:

Direct bank payment - After you confirm your purchase at the cash register, you will be transferred to your internet bank to complete the payment. The money will be deducted directly from your account when you approve the transaction.

Card payment - Carry out your purchase using VISA or Mastercard. After confirming your purchase at the checkout, you will be given card details to complete the payment. The transaction takes place with SSL encryption, which means that no unauthorized person can see your data. We do not accept cards issued by foreign banks.

Billmate Corporate Invoice - Together with Billmate Bank we can offer companies payment against invoice. The invoice is sent out to the registered email address when we process and send the order. When applying, a custom credit report is made. In order to ensure that no unauthorized person orders goods in the company name, we only deliver to registered company address. See also terms for Billmates corporate invoice.

Guardio company invoice - With an invoice account you get a standing credit with Guardio B2B and can easily make your purchases on invoice via the website, mail and phone. Suitable for companies that need a larger credit limit than what is approved by Billmate BAnk or if they wish to be able to add authorized persons who may trade. In the event of late payment, interest on late payment will be payable on outstanding amounts with eight (8)% + applicable reference rates (previous discount) per month. Payment period is ten (10) days net unless otherwise agreed. You can find information on how to apply for an account here.

3. Delivery information

The delivery time is determined by the freight method you choose at the checkout. If you choose Free Shipping, delivery time is 3-4 days compared to 1-2 days if you choose freight mode Express handling.

You will find information about the current stock status for each product on our website. You will receive notification of any deviations from the normal delivery time or the information on the website in connection with the order confirmation, or in retrospect via separate mail. You have of course the right to abstain, or change your order.

If your ordered product is out of stock, we reserve the right to send an equivalent product. This applies, for example, to accessories such as cable harness etc. Ie. not main products such as hearing protection, helmet, etc. If you are not satisfied with the replacement product, you have full right of return, at no extra cost.

Should any of the products you ordered have a significantly longer delivery time than other products on your order, we may in some cases share the order. You never have to pay more than the original shipping cost.

We are responsible for the transport risk when we send something to you, which means that we will replace you free of charge with a new item in the event of a shipping damage or loss of shipment. In the event of a return to us you are the customer of the transport risk.

For unpacked parcels with a commodity value under SEK 500, we will invoice SEK 195, for un-triggered parcels with a commodity value of over SEK 500, we will invoice SEK 395 to cover the costs incurred. Therefore, be sure to always pick up your orders within 14 days from the time the package arrives at the post office.

We offer the following shipping options:

Letter / Letter - For orders with less weight and volume. Your order is delivered directly in the mailbox or postbox. If the shipment is too bulky, the postman will either call or leave a notification so that you can pick up the delivery at the nearest post office.

Ombudsman delivery - Your order is delivered to the company's nearest postal agent. You will receive a notification via either SMS or post-avi. We recommend that you fill in the mobile number for SMS notification at the checkout for the shortest possible delivery time. In order to be able to redeem the package, it is required that the bid contains a valid ID. A postal package remains with the postal officer for 14 days from the arrival date.

Business Package - Delivery is to registered company address on weekdays between 08.00-18.00. No notification takes place before. If no one is present who can receive the delivery, an avi is provided and the shipment can then be retrieved from PostNord's agent.

4. Transportskada

If the product is shipping damaged at the time of delivery, we ask you to report it immediately to us. Visible damage must be reported no later than 3 days after receipt and hidden shipping damage within 7 days. If you discover a damage to the carton at the time of delivery, you may refuse to accept the goods provided that you have not yet received the receipt. In order for the complaint against PostNord to be handled correctly, you must save the packaging, the address card and any pallet that came with the shipping damaged item.

Force Majeure

Guardio is not liable for any damage or delay arising from legal tender, government action, mobilization, war event, seizure, currency restriction, system error, error or restriction on supplies from subcontractors, strikes, lockouts, boycotts, blockages or other similar circumstances that either hinder or Guardio's fulfillment makes it so difficult that it cannot be done except for abnormally high costs.

5. Warranty

Guardio provides 1 year warranty to corporate customers. Consumables and accessories such as hygiene kits, batteries and chargers follow the manufacturer's warranty which can be shorter than one year.

The warranty applies to malfunctions that occur during the warranty period. The warranty does not apply to faults that arise during or after your own change of the product's function and appearance, such as remodeling, upgrading or other configuration of the product.

Before a warranty repair or a guarantee exchange can be approved, we or one of our partners needs to investigate the product. In case the product is not covered by a warranty error, but a so-called handling error (includes incorrectly set product, damage due to negligence etc.), we or the service workshop have the right to charge for the examination cost. Shipping costs and handling fees will be added. We have carefully selected our partners and offer nationwide service to provide you with a first-class guarantee.

Note The warranty does not apply to company purchases.

Technical support

For technical support, Guardio has the right to refer customer to third party payment support. Please note that the support can sometimes be done completely via e-mail or via website.

6. Open purchase and return

We offer companies 10 days open purchase in case of unbroken packaging

Open purchase does not apply to ordering goods that are not included in the regular range or specially ordered goods.

Repurchase / return is not applied without the approval of Guardio. If you wish to use your open purchase, please inform us as soon as possible.

How do I return my item?

Contact Guardio customer service at [email protected] and state that you intend to make a return. Fill in the return form that is available as a link in the email with Delivery message you received when we sent you the order. Further instructions on how to proceed can be found on the return form. When using open purchases you are the customer of the return shipping. Other costs, such as the cost of the goods and freight from us to you, will be refunded. Guardio will not redeem parcels against cash on delivery. We recommend that you return the shipment in a manner that causes the shipment to arrive at our return address. Guardio has no opportunity to dispose of parcels on postal agents.

Return address:

Guardio Service Center
Fräsarvägen 26b
142 50 Skogås

Refund / Credit

A repayment / credit will be made within 14 days from the time you informed us that you wish to use your open purchase. In case the product is not available to us immediately, we will administer the refund as soon as the product is registered as received at our warehouse. Refunds can only be made to cards issued in Sweden and to Swedish bank accounts. If you have chosen an invoice via Billmate Bank as a payment method and you have already paid the amount, please contact Billmate Bank refund. When crediting Guardio invoice, the amount is credited to your account or that you use the credit note when making a payment on a new invoice. If you wish to pay out deposits, we ask you to send your customer and bank details to [email protected]

7. Privacy, personal data and marketing

When you shop with us, you enter personal information such as name, address, email address, telephone number and in some cases even personal identification number. We need this information to deliver the product to you, but also to handle warranty cases or insurance. Personnel number is required for any credit report and when signing insurance.

We are responsible for the personal data, Guardio Safety AB, 559006-8655, Fräsarvägen 26B, 142 50 Skogås, which processes personal data in accordance with GDPR. Processing of the data (including, where applicable, personal identification number) can be done by us or by one of our partners. The purpose of this treatment is to be able to fulfill our commitments towards you as a customer, inform about offers and fulfill any bonus agreements. The personal data is also processed within the framework of market and customer analyzes, which form the basis for marketing, method and business development, and to complete what is required by us according to law.

By accepting our terms of purchase, you agree to be contacted by us for marketing purposes. Contact can be made via mail, SMS, postal mailing or in other ways. Guardio strives to offer you as a customer better and more personal offers. This means that we can use specific criteria as a basis for marketing, such as purchasing size, purchase frequency, purchase of a certain range or item, purchase in a certain sales channel, etc. We can also supplement customer information in order to offer good customer care. In order to maintain a good level of service to you as a customer, we document all customer communication. You have the right to access this information on request. If the information proves to be incorrect, incomplete or otherwise irrelevant, it is our responsibility to take corrective measures. As a customer, you can oppose your information being used for marketing purposes, whereby Guardio undertakes to introduce a so-called advertising lock. Application for advertising blocking is made to Customer Service at [email protected]

8. Contact and other information

Our head office is the evidence in Stockholm at the following address:

Guardio Safety AB

Fräsarvägen 26b

142 50 Skogås