Bluetooth ear protection with active noise reduction. Select with or without built-in combo radio


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Övriga funktioner

  • Rechargeable battery

    High quality built-in battery with rapid charge via USB-C. Charges up to 80% in just 30 minutes.

  • Built-in FM radio

    Listen to your favourite station when and where you want. Save your favourite stations for quick and easy access.

  • App support

    Download the Guardio app for Android or iOS and make your ear defenders even more user friendly.

  • CVC 6.0

    With CVC you get echo and noise cancellation during your phone calls so the person you are talking to can hear you in any environment.


Guardio designs and manufactures high performance wireless headset with built-in communication solutions that increase operator efficiency while at the same time improving safety at the worksite. With our solution, your work team can communicate with each other unimpeded thanks to voice-control activation of the intercom function. Sixteen pre-set channels are available, and via the app you can set the desired frequency for communication with any intercom system already installed at the worksite.


Guardio headset support multipoint connection for handsfree, which means you can connect two phones to the same ear defenders at the same time. The phone that receives the call is connected to the headset, and you can then speak on the phone unimpeded. You no longer need to choose whether to connect your private phone or your work phone.

Active Noise Cancelling

No other company uses such an advanced solution when it comes to attenuating background noise. In addition to traditional passive noise cancelling used by most ear defenders on the market, we have added a hybrid solution with active noise reduction. This means that with the help of microphones on the inside and outside of the muffs, our ear defenders capture harmful noise and calibrate and transmit an opposing soundwave to eliminate this harmful noise. This ensures you gain optimal protection against both impulse noise and more monotonous noise.

Level Dependant

Headsets from Guardio include a level dependant function, which means low frequency sounds such as speech are allowed through so the heasdet wearer can hear colleagues speak without putting their hearing at risk. As these non-harmful sounds are amplified in the ear defenders, the risk of accidents is reduced even if the ear defender wearer is listening to music or similar – a low cost insurance policy for you and your employees.

Product specification

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