Why should you compromise on sound quality?

Whether you work as a craftsman, machinist or anything else in construction, construction or industry, we believe you want top-notch sound. With our modern technology you can enjoy your music as the artist once intended when the songs were recorded!

With almost 10 years of experience we can sound!

We have a long experience of developing really good quality headphones. We were already at the beginning when wireless headphones started to become popular in the market and today tens of thousands of audio enthusiasts use headphones made by us as they listen to their favorite music. We have developed deep headphone training headphones, quality headphones sold by some of Sweden's largest Hi-Fi stores, and we are now taking the step into a new segment when we have developed hearing protection of the highest class for the construction, construction and industrial industries.

New modern technology

When using Guardio's products, you can feel confident that you have a product packed with the latest technology! Our hearing protectors use Bluetooth 5 which has a number of enhancements for you that are good at having good range, less energy consumption (wears less on the phone's battery) as well as a higher speed that provides a more stable transmission when listening to music. Of course, our Bluetooth solution supports aptX ™ which provides a really good quality of sound.

Ease of use in focus

It should be easy to work safely! By using our own app you can easily control your hearing protection. Through the app you can control everything from volume, intercom channel, listening, active noise reduction settings to whatever music you want to listen to. Have you forgotten where you put your hearing protectors away? No problem - our map function shows you where you were most recently connected to your hearing protectors.

Helmet mount or headband? Both!

How the working day looks can vary from day to day. The need for protective equipment may also vary. Therefore, we have ensured that Guardio's hearing protectors have a flexible solution so that you as a user should not have to make a difficult decision in connection with your purchase, or worse - have to buy two different hearing protectors, one with a helmet mount and one with a headband. When you buy Guardio hearing protection, you get both headband and helmet brackets in your package. Our patented solution makes it easy for you to quickly switch between headband and helmet mount so you can quickly adjust your protection based on the nature and nature of the task. We think safety should be easy!

  • Helmet attachment
  • Headband
  • Both are included

Active noise reduction - for real!

Many people already have active hearing protectors, but it is important not to confuse it with hearing protectors with active noise reduction as there is a big difference in the experience and the sound attenuation. Active hearing protectors refer to hearing protectors that have a hearing and that amplify certain sound frequencies. Active noise reduction rather means that microphones capture the harmful sound and electronically shut out the noise so that the hearing is best protected.

Many already have headphones with active noise reduction in private, but now you can finally enjoy the popular technology even when you are at work. Often, those who have tested headphones with active noise reduction say that they can never go back to regular headphones. Now it's time for you to test hearing protection with active noise reduction!

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