Vital info when seconds count

What is twICEme?

twICEme is a digital tool that is integrated into safety equipment and that makes it possible to access vital information in emergencies. By using a smartphone, vital information can be saved locally and then accessible by using the twICEme app.

Why do i need twICEme?

twICEme makes vital information easily accessible, such as medical history, personal information and ICE contacts, etc. Information that is of value in an emergency for the first people at the accident site to shorten lead times and increase efficiency.


The twICEme app is free and available on the App Store and Google Play. In just a few minutes, you can create and upload a profile that will thus be saved locally on your equipment.

Developed in consultation with professional rescue personnel

twICEme was founded by former military personnel and has since been further developed based on the expertise of professional rescue personnel. The result of this is a design that provides quick and easy access to vital information which is presented in order of relevance. In addition to this, regular feedback is obtained from professional rescue personnel. This enables regular improvement of the features available in the app based on their expertise.

Construction sites are large with alot of different people moving around. In the event of an accident, it can be crucial to have quick access to correct information about the victims.

Johan Larsson-Hytte,Electrician and safety representative with over 20 years of experience from the construction industry

An active and growing rescue community

With the goal of spreading knowledge about twICEme's symbol and how to access its information, both comprehensive and local ambulance and rescue organizations around the world are contacted. Even if more rescue organizations are gradually informed, you must not forget to inform your employees at the construction site about twICEme. These people will most likely be the first at the scene of the accident and can thus create a great deal of value by acting in a preparatory manner before rescue personnel arrive.

Ready to prepare your twICEme?

Follow the steps below to get started

  • 1. Download app

    Download the TwICEme app on your smartphone.

  • 2. Create a profile with your vital info

    Open the app and slide to the manage profiles page. Choose “Create Profile”, fill in as much vital information as you want for the profile and save it.

  • 3. Upload your profile on your helmet

    On the manage profiles page, press the “Upload” button on your created profile. Tap your phone on the twICEme symbol found on your smart equipment so that your NFC antenna is placed directly overthe symbol (see NFC antenna placement below).

  • 4. You are done!

    Pursue you’re every day equipped with twICEme.

Integrated technology-twICEme is a high-performance digital device inside the helmet. The device is based on NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. twICEme can be read without an internet connection or mobile network. The digital device has no battery. Energy is supplied from the smartphone it is in contact with via induction.
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Questions and answers about twICEme

How does a smartphone interact with that twICEme device?

Via inductive connection, electricity comes from a smartphone to the device.

In what way can the first on site in the event of an accident take action with the help of twICEme?

The first on site can take action by using information from twICEme and passing on important information when you call SOS. By doing so, the rescue workers who come to the scene of an accident can be more prepared.

Who has decided what type of information can be uploaded to twICEme?

The information that a user can upload to twICEme has been carefully evaluated together with ambulance and rescue workers.

Do I need the twICEme app to read the information stored on the integrated device?

On Android smartphones, it is possible to read the information via the background scanning function (without app). On iPhones, you can use any NFC reading app (but you need an app). The information will then be presented in a text string in both cases.

Do I need a mobile network or internet connection to use twICEme?

No, the information is stored locally (no cloud service involved) on the integrated device and is available without GSM, Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G / 5G using an NFC-enabled device.

Does twICEme collect personal information about its users?

No, twICEme does not store any personal information that the user sends to the application. Consequently, twICEme complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).