Salus SlimFit Eco

About the product

Comfortable protective glasses with panoramic protection and a shape that comfortably wraps around the head with minimal pressure on the ears and nose. The lenses are treated to provide additional protection against scratches and fogging. The glasses are made of ECO material with bio circular balanced PC plastic for lower carbon dioxide emissions and reduced use of the earth’s fossil resources. The curved design ensures excellent eye protection, even against particles from the side or above. Certified in accordance with the EN166 standard, they offer protection against high-speed particles (F) up to 45m/s, with impact resistance tests conducted at extreme temperatures (T).

Other features

Weight24 g
MaterialPolycarbonat (PC)
Recommended applicationDemolition, Remediation, Forestry, Construction
Recommended IndustryConstruction, Heavy Infrastructure, Oil & Gas
1001732103001 Transparent
1001732033001 Smoke

This is included

  • Safety glasses
  • Individual product package

Frequently Asked Questions

Bio-balanced or biomass-balanced plastic refers to a plastic that is produced using a method that includes both fossil and biological raw materials.

Products made with biomass-balanced plastic contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing dependence on finite fossil fuel resources. The use of renewable biomass helps offset the carbon emissions associated with traditional plastic production, making these protective glasses a more environmentally friendly choice without compromising functionality or safety standards.

Yes, protective glasses made with biomass-balanced plastic can typically be recycled using standard plastic recycling processes. It’s important to check local guidelines and recycling facilities. While biomass-balanced plastics are designed to reduce overall environmental impact, responsible waste management and recycling practices further contribute to a circular economy and environmental responsibility.

Yes, the various protective glasses in the Salus series provide effective anti-fog and scratch protection. Additionally, the scratch protection contributes to longer durability, reducing the need to replace glasses, which has positive effects on our environment.

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