Since November 2020, we are a proud member of the Swedish industry organisation Håll Nollan (Keep Zero).

The association behind Håll Nollan is the Swedish collaboration for zero accidents in the construction industry. The constrution industry includes all comapnies and organizations that order, plan and carry out construction projects. Håll Nollan was founded in 2017 and today consists of over 80 members from all parts of the industry.

Håll nollans vision is that no one should be injured on our construction sites! A vision that we at Guardio Safety share wholeheardly.

To achieve this vision they work, and by extension we too, with four primary areas:

  • • Leadership and culture

    Togheter create a culture and leadership where the work enviroment and safety always have the highest priority.

  • • Knowledge and competence

    To collect exisiting knowledge togheter and share it in the industry. Identifying and filling the knowledge gaps that exist around the work enviroment and safety in the various phases of the construction project.

  • • Common working methods and standards

    Agree on joint working methods and standards for the work enviroment and safety as well as deciding which key figures are to be measured

  • • Demand as customer

    To agree that the work enviroment and safety are a obvious parameter in the tender and procurement process, setting requirements that are followed up on rigorously.

    We consider it a great honor to be part of Håll Nollan and all thier members intention to learn from each other and drive the agenda about work enviroment and safety in the construction industry, furthermore the rest of Swedish business.

    Above all, to pursue solutions to the most critical issue in the Swedish construction industry.

  • Read more about Håll Nollan here:

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