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"The next generation of hearing protection and communication. Provides superior protection against harmful noise –Equipped with active noise cancellation that protects your hearing against monotonous noise and designed for optimized passive noise-canceling for impulse noise. Built-in intercom with 1800 meters scope of communication between users and 16 pre-set channels. Operate all functions smoothly through an app interface. With flexibility that meets the varied needs of professionals, headphones can be used with headband or helmet mounting and the intercom has an adaptable talk activation: between Voice operated switch (VOX) or PTT button. Enjoy a superior wireless audio experience enabled by the patented Bluetooth solution aptX™ provided by industry leader Qualcomm ®. All this in order to enable you to operate with elevated safety and increased professional performance."


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Guardio ActiveCom
655€ Excl. VAT
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Bluetooth hearing protection with active noise reduction, app interface, flexible mounts and built-in rechargeable battery.

Intercom with up to 1800 meter range.

Up to 45h operating time.


Product details

    Next level Intercom for collaboration and teamwork

  • - Superior range. Up to 1800 meters scope of communication between users
  • - Adaptable talk activation. Choose between Voice operated switch (VOX) activation of the intercom function or the Push to Talk on the right ear headphone.
  • - 16 pre-set PM446 channels . Via the app you can set the desired frequency for other intercom system in the same frequency band.

    Superior protection against noise

  • - Hybrid Active noise cancellation protects your hearing against monotonous harmful noise. (See technology)
  • - Level dependent function, low-frequency sounds such as speech are allowed through the headset so wearers can hear colleagues speak without putting hearing at risk.
  • - Designed for optimized insulation. Developed with comrotable padding and tight fit around the ear for effective passive noise canceling and blocking of impulse noises.

    Innovative interconnectivity solutions

  • - Dual Bluetooth technologies. Headphones are composed of both Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy (See technology)
  • - Primed for data integration from any device via Bluetooth Low Energy with ultra-low energy consumption
  • - Link to smartphones or other devices. Make and receive phone calls through the headphones by smartphone pairing.
  • - Multipoint connect. Connect two devices or smartphones to the same headset at the same time.
  • - Pair with smartphone via Bluetooth connection or via NFC (Near field communication). Touch headphones with NFC enabled smartphone to connect.

    Flexibility and functionality to meet varied professional needs

  • - Flexible headband enables switching between headband and helmet brackets thanks to a smart cable solution. Both headband and helmet adapters included.
  • - Rechargeable built-in battery with ultra-fast charging via USB-C and a more sustainable option to the industry standard. (See technology)
  • - App interface, an advanced Dual-Mode technology enables the headset to be operated smoothly and easy via a smartphone app (See technology)

    Exceptional sound and music on your terms

  • - Equipped with Qualcomm Bluetooth solution aptX, a patented solution that provides wireless audio in stereo quality for a superior music experience. (See technology)
  • - App connection to your music or audio app of choice via Bluetooth
  • - Built-in FM radio. Save your favorite stations for quick and easy access.
  • - 3.5mm plug with IP67 rated audio input so that you can connect other devices to your headset.

    Product specifications

  • Weight with headband: 440g
  • Weight with helmet mounting: 420g
  • Bluetooth version. v5 APTX
  • Bluetooth range: Up to 10m
  • Intercom range: Up to 1800m
  • Noise reduction microphone: CVC 6.0
  • FM Radio
  • Operating time Bluetooth Streaming 53h
  • Operating time Intercom 38h
  • Level dependent control


The Active series uses Bluetooth dual-mode technology, combining the advantages of Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth Low Energy. As a result, users of our hearing protectors can use the headphones for typical Bluetooth applications such as making phone calls and listen to music and also use Bluetooth Low Energy to transfer data between the devices at a further range.

Learn more about Bluetooth here

Qualcomm Aptx was designed to answer the growing demand for high-resolution audio the offers the quality audio your ears deserve. It is a proven technology that compresses and then decompresses audio as it travels from a source device like a phone. Its enhanced codec supports 24-bit music quality over Bluetooth. This means listeners can hear even the smallest details in their music and audio.

Learn more about Qualcomm aptX here

The Active series are equipped with rechargeable batteries, in favor of both the users and the environment. Most hearing protectors currently on the market require 2-4 disposable batteries per working week. Our rechargeable batteries can be charged more than 1000 times rendering them more economical, and reduces battery waste.

Learn more about rechargeble batteries here

The Guardio Active series has an accompanying mobile interface, making it simple and smooth to configure the headset's functions. The Guardio Safety app allows users to navigate the user manual digitally and see usage history

Learn more about App Interface here

The Guardio Active series are developed with Hybrid Active Noice Cancelling, a method for reducing unwanted monotonous sounds. The signals from the two different microphones are analyzed and calibrated to send a mirrored sound wave that knocks out harmful sound. In this way, it can suppress sounds on a larger number of frequencies, adapt and correct errors more easily.

Learn more about active noise cancelling here

The ActiveCom has an integrated cutting edge intercom solution. You and your team can communicate on a range of up to 1800 meters, with the option between 16 preset channels. The intercom operates on the PM446 frequency band and via the app you can set the desired frequency to communicate with any, already established, intercom system on the worksite.

Learn more about intercom here


  1. Antenna
    37€ Excl. VAT
  2. Storage bag
    2€ Excl. VAT
  3. Charger
    7€ Excl. VAT
  4. Helmet adapters
    5€ Excl. VAT
  5. Headband
    7€ Excl. VAT
  6. Microphone boom
    9€ Excl. VAT
  7. Hygiene kit
    5€ Excl. VAT

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