Batteries free of dangerous heavy metals


Already in 1799, the first electronic battery was invented by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta The development of consumer products over the past 10-15 years has had a rapid development, where man's wishes and demands for mobility have led to an increasing number of products using batteries. The batteries must also be as compact as possible and have an efficient power supply. Today, approximately 100 million batteries are consumed only in Sweden. Unfortunately, only about 65% of these are recycled. *

About 100 years later, the Swedish engineer and inventor Waldermar Jungner invented the first rechargeable alkaline battery. Today, rechargeable lithium batteries are environmentally friendly, completely free from the addition of the heavy metals mercury, cadmium or lead while the energy density compared to other chemical systems is high. In addition, modern batteries can now be charged more than 1000 times, which is much more gentle on the environment than traditional disposable alkaline batteries.

Early in the development work of Guardio's hearing protection, a decision was made to use rechargeable batteries, unlike most other similar products on the market. This is one of several initiatives and decisions that we have taken to try to minimize our footprint on the environment. In addition to the environmental aspect, it is also more economical and convenient for the end user because one does not have to buy new batteries and grinds thinking about recycling / handling of spent batteries. A common use of the hearing protectors currently on the market can often require 2-4 batteries per working week. In other words, a smaller construction company with 10 employees can consume no less than 1000-2000 batteries in one year.

In addition to offering high quality hearing protectors, we at Guardio also want to ensure that the products are user-friendly. Therefore, we have modern USB Type C charging of our hearing protectors which enables fast charging of the batteries that are available in Guardio's hearing protection.

The advantages of rechargeable batteries

  • Saves on the resources of the environment

  • More economical than disposable batteries

  • Reduced battery waste

  • Can be charged more than 1000 times