Illustration of the biomechanics of a straight impact to the head (Upper) compared to an angled blow to the head (Lower) impacted against the same padding and speed.

Straight impacts hurt the skull; angled impacts hurt the brain.

The illustration above is from a research report by Svein Kleiven, professor at the royal institute of technology. The images are from a test where dummies were impacted toward the same padding of expanded polypropylene (EPP-31 kg/m3) using an identical initial velocity of 6.7 m/s.

The dark areas of the skulls on each of these illustrations show the effect of an impact force.

There is a higher strain level in the brain from the angled impact due to the rotational motion. The corresponding straight effect causes a higher strain to the skull.

Most helmets do not take angled impacts into account, protecting your skull but not your brain.

This is why we were the first to Integrate Mips in an industrial helmet; because construction professionals should protect both their head and their brain.