In 2019, we broke new ground in the PPE industry by being the first in the world to offer a safety helmet equipped with Mips. Now, we are launching the VOLT series, equipment intended for electrical work.

The VOLT series includes the electrically certified equipment ARMET VOLT and ARGOS VOLT. Electrically certified equipment means that the material and design are not conductive and thus reduce the risk of unintentional electrical discharge, minimizing injury in the event of an electrical accident.

The ARMET VOLT safety helmet has an unventilated, closed helmet shell. It is certified by EN 397, the standard for construction, with additional certification for 440 VAC. Furthermore, it's certified according to EN 50365, the standard for electrically insulating helmets for use in low voltage systems, which makes them ideal for electrical work.

The ARGOS VOLT Safety glasses are made with a non-conductive frame and have no metal parts, insulating against electricity. Like its predecessor, the ARGOS series, they are designed with a thin rim to optimize hearing protection. ARGOS volts will be available with four different lenses: Photochromatic, polarised, smoke, and clear.

We are delighted to elevate the protection for a broader category of professionals. Guardio's VOLT series will be available for purchase at all our retailers during Q1 2022.

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