Why choose Guardio products?

Guardio offers personal protective products of the highest quality which have been specially developed for the construction, manufacturing and contracting sector – in combination with first class and rapid service. Together with our factories, we have over 15 years’ experience in the development and production of wireless headphones that are at the cutting edge within their segment. Our products have been developed in very close consultation with a number of Nordic construction and industrial workers to ensure they not only meet the most exacting requirements for personal protective equipment but also customer expectations when it comes to comfort, convenience and innovation.

Guardio stands for quality and delivery reliability, and is backed by an excellent reputation. With leading technology and a globally competitive offer, we aim to continue developing with our customers in the future.

Experts in wireless communication

Together with our partners, we have over 15 years’ experience of Bluetooth

Top class audio

We are specialists in wireless audio, and with our patented solutions we offer superb sound in our ear defenders.


Our research teams in Europe and the USA always aim to offer the very latest and the very best within the area.

Customer support in focus

We always seek to provide superb service to you and your customers.


Our mission

We have chosen to specialise in what we do best. We are highly experienced in the design and development of high quality headphones. Over the years, we have also acquired tremendous know-how within wireless audio technology and have therefore chosen to combine these two areas of expertise to develop what we feel is one of the very best products on the market right now. In the eyes of many experts, Bluetooth is the future within wireless communication and audio transmission. Here we have an enormous advantage over our competitors as we were very early adopters of Bluetooth. Our partners have experience of manufacturing Bluetooth products for over 15 years, and have won numerous major international awards for innovation and design. This knowledge and experience of constructing and integrating Bluetooth into everyday products is something we see as one of our key strengths.


Läs mer om vårt arbetssätt och metodik här. 

“Really good headphones but…

…I work in construction and have to wear ear defenders”

n 2015, our founder, Nawar Toma, attended Scandinavia’s largest fitness fair to market our new sports headphones that had just been launched. The response was incredibly positive and the new wireless headphones got off to a flying start. However, when it came time to sum up the fair, it was the comment above that stayed in his mind. It was here that the embryo of Guardio was formed and curiosity about exploring an entirely new market began to take root.

It didn’t take long to realise that innovation and technology had stood still in many ways within the segment for ear defenders. The market was dominated by a large company that certainly had a good product, but the rate the consumer market was developing made these industrial products look like dinosaurs. The experience and knowledge Toma had acquired in developing innovative new headphones for the consumer market helped him recognise a possibility to innovate and revolutionise the market by taking the most innovative and popular solutions from the consumer market and integrating these in ear defenders that use components and solutions from leading companies within each respective area.

An enthusiastic and dedicated team was assembled which was tasked with first understanding what users thought about products already on the market, what was good, what was less positive and what was missing. Several hundred interviews later eventually resulted in a vision of what the next generation ear defenders should consist of — which we have now worked hard to realise.

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