We are proud to launch the first safety helmet in the world with the patented brain protection system from MIPS. The Guardio ARMET helmet have a low-friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angle impacts to the head.

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112 €



    PREORDER NOW! The Guardio Vanguard is finally here. One of the most innovative and modern solutions on the market, developed to protect your ears and increase your productivity. Several years’ experience and research have enabled us to launch a product we are genuinely proud of.

    • Wireless techonology

    • CD quality sound

    • Microphone with noise reduction

    • Active & passive noise reduction

    1. Auris
      Bluetooth noise reduction
      336€ Excl. VAT
    2. AurisCom
      PREORDER NOW! Bluetooth hearing protection with a
      655€ Excl. VAT

    Why choose Guardio products?

    Guardio offers personal protective products of the highest quality which have been specially developed for the construction, manufacturing and contracting sector – in combination with first class and rapid service.

    • Experts in wireless communication

      Together with our partners, we have more than 15 years of experience in Bluetooth technology

    • Top class audio

      We are specialists in wireless audio, and thanks to patented solutions we can offer superb sound in our headsets.

    • Innovating

      Our research teams in Europe and the US always aim to offer the latest and greatest in the field.

    • Customer support in focus

      We always seek to provide superb service to all our customers.

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